Contemporary bespoke kitchen by Mark Williamson Kitchens

21st century bespoke larders – we love ’em

We find that when we speak initially to a client about designing a kitchen from scratch for them that a larder isn’t even in their thoughts. In the old days before convenient modern refridgeration, larders (from the old French word ‘lardier’ or word for pig, hence lardons) were a vital area usually on the north or west side of a habitation to keep food as cool as possible. Nowadays they’ve often just been bricked in, or simply overlooked in favour of an electric fridge and freezer.

At Mark Williamson Kitchens, we love larders, and they don’t have to be just a static square space. Our larders are tailored to a client’s needs but are usually lit so you can actually see what you’re looking for. The larder above features┬áset back adjustable shelves with high quality, warm white LED spot lights on PIR sensors, two wicker basket pull outs with wire basket storage either side, and oak racks to the back of each door. It’s dynamic and useful – a larder for the 21st century.

Are you looking to commission a similar bespoke kitchen, or indeed any furniture of any kind designing and making for your home? Do contact us at Mark Williamson Furniture for an initial chat and we may be able to help you. We specialise in bespoke kitchens, and can design and make any style of kitchen that can be imagined.

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